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'The Battle of Maldon

A series of sea voyages to recreate the experiences of our intrepid forefathers as they began the colonisation of England in the fifth century AD.


The crew will relive their experiences in a faithfully recreated ship – along with the nation as the voyages are to be televised. The three voyages follow the migration routes of the three tribes of England, the Saxons, Angles and Jutes across the North Sea from their northern homelands. Using ancient navigation techniques, we’ll row across the sea with the spray in our faces wearing contemporary clothing and eating period food!

The ship will land at Westminster, Hull and Southampton at the end of the crossings where there will be great feasting.


One of the great objectives of the voyages is to give a life changing experience to disadvantaged young people within the 30 strong crews.

Please check out our site for more details on the project goals and historical stuff.

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The Woden Voyages




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